Are you looking for personal injury lawyer near you? Goldberg Finnegan stands for justice for the wrongfully injured. As personal injury lawyers with two decades of experience, we understand the dangers that are out there. We understand that motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of permanent injuries. We understand that a car accident that results in death occurs every sixteen minutes and that doesn’t even begin to touch on those that result only in injury.

We understand that negligence when maintaining a property often leads to slip and fall injuries or that the always in a rush atmosphere of a hospital leaves doctors prone to committing medical malpractice and injuring the very patients that they were supposed to protect. Finally, we understand that this is barely even scratching the surface of the risks that we face everyday such as boating accidents, drowning, or construction injuries. But more than anything, Goldberg Finnegan understands that the injured deserve a little peace of mind, the type of peace of mind that can only be provided by having the negligent parties responsible for their injuries pay some form of compensation to take the burden of affording ongoing medical care off of those who were made to suffer needlessly.

Whether the personal injuries in question were caused at a worksite, which could be covered by workers’ compensation, or just out in the wider world, Goldberg Finnegan is prepared to fight for you to have the peace of mind you are owed. A law firm of our size makes us a formidable opponent but we don’t let our size get in the way of offering each and every client personalized service that is open and transparent, complete with regular case updates and quick replies to phone calls and emails. No matter how big we get, we know that our clients deserve to be heard and listened to and we will never forget that.


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